Strong Ties is the European distributor of Cobra Products, the global provider of fastening solutions to the aerospace, automotive, contract manufacturing, marine industries and beyond. Cobra develops and acquires superior quality products to accommodate unique fastening demands. Cobra Products utilise multiple manufacturing partners and distribution networks to produce and distribute their products.

Located in Denmark, Strong Ties is dedicated to offering high quality fastening solutions to a variety of industries for both technical and commercial use in Europe.

Inspired at a boat show in 1995, the idea of the Cobra low profile tie sprung at the sight of distasteful cable ties on the engine wires of high-end boats. For security and aesthetical reasons, inventors developed the low profile cable tie by prioritizing superior product and user safety, exceptional strength and sophisticated and elegant looks. Still offering the lowest profile nylon cable tie on the market, the highly versatile Cobra tie is used around the world for applications ranging from boat engines to diving equipment to retail displays.

Strong Ties is a brand under BM Group International, committed to high standards of ethical behaviour in the conduct of our business. Our code, built on and reflective of our values, guides the behaviours of all our employees, wherever they conduct business.

VISION Our vision is to be the number one provider of unique high quality fastening solutions in Europe while offering exceptional customer service.

MISSION Our mission is to offer various industries operating in Europe the best fastening solutions available. Maintaining our high standards in customer service reinforces our goals of prioritising long term solutions for clients, employees and all our stakeholders.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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