Top cable management allowing for flexibility for your robots with the flexroute cable guide and a number of low profile cable ties with different lengths.
As robotic machineries are becoming more flexible it is vital for their functionality that their motions are not restricted by poor cable management. You don’t want tightly bound cables as they stress, which causes their lifetime to accelerate and their chances of failure to increase.
In order not to damage the cables or the robot arm, we offer the safest solution for cable fastening and maintenance; the low profile cable tie and the impact resistant flexroute cable guide. While the flexroute holds your cable tightly and keeps it safely in place, the flat head of the low profile cable tie takes up about a third of the head of a traditional cable tie, making the low profile cable tie especially useful in limited spaces. Due to the impact resistant flexroute you are guaranteed maximum safety and minimal setting adjustments.

For further specifications on low profile cable ties

For further specifications on flexroutes

  • Low profile ties

    370mm 18kg LP UV & Heat Stabilized Ties, black

    Manufactured of the highest quality material made in the U.S.A., Cobra’s patented L series is the lowest profile nylon cable tie on the market. RoHS, UL21, and UL21S approved, Low Profile cable ties offer superior tensile strength vs. traditional rated products thus out performing in a wide range of demanding environments.

    Specifications – Length: 370mm. Tensile strength: 18kg.

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  • Flexroute

    4,76mm-6,53mm 100X FR1001

    The FLEXROUTE® is a universal, durable, and simple cable management solution that secures and protects both the frame and cable. It is here to provide security in your applications. While it continues to utilize the great fastening capabilities of a cable tie, it goes a step further and flexes around a frame providing uniform traction that a cable tie just can't accomplish on its own.

    Specifications – Size: 4,76mm-6,53mm. 

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Strong Ties offers the ultimate boat rigging solution that not only holds the boat wires tight but won’t leave sharp edges to bite the boater.


In hospitals and clinics it is vital to keep your cables secure and protected as any damage can have fatal consequences. We prioritize the safety of you, your patients and your cables.

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