150mm 18kg LP UV & Heat Stabilized Ties, black

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Manufactured of the highest quality material made in the U.S.A., Cobra’s patented L series is the lowest profile nylon cable tie on the market. RoHS, UL21, and UL21S approved, Low Profile cable ties offer superior tensile strength vs. traditional rated products thus out performing in a wide range of demanding environments.

Specifications – Length: 150mm. Tensile strength: 18kg.

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For further specifications on low profile cable ties

RoHS and UL compliant, low profile cable ties offer superior tensile strength and robust quality that stand up well in a wide range of environments.  Safer than a traditional tie, the low profile cable tie features a smooth, snag-proof contour with no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician or end user.

LOWEST PROFILE NYLON TIE AVAILABLE – about 1/3rd the height of traditional ties
REDUCED HEAD HEIGHT – compared to traditional head designs
INCREASED SAFETY WITH NO SHARP TAIL CUTOFFS –  Eliminates snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, hoses, products, and users. The remaining tail slips back into head of tie leaving no exposed sharp edge to cut users
ENHANCES VISUAL APPEAL of your finished product
FLEXIBE HEAD DESIGN easily flexes around tubing or bundled wiring to make an even lower profile
MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Quality and local
EXCEPTIONAL STRENGTH – Low profile cable ties’ tensile strength exceeds 22,7 kg rating when properly applied
TOUGH – Stands up well in a wide range of environments – insoluble in common solvents, alkalizes, dilute mineral acids, most organic acids and most petrochemicals
UP TO CODE – MIL SPEC, RoHS, and UL compliant
LONG LASTING – Tamper proof pawl located under the tie’s head is protected from direct UV rays and won’t break down as quickly as traditional cable ties
NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED – Low profile cable ties are easy to apply with any pair of side cutters or industry standard automatic tensioning tool.

The Low Profile cable ties are made in the USA by polyamide 6.6, a high quality nylon.
A wide selection of the cable ties are also UV and heat stabilized.

Tie Material Temperature Rating UL Flamability Environment Regulatory Requirements
Nylon 6/6 General Purpose –45°C – 85°C 94V-2 Indoor CSA 22.2
UL 1565
SAE AS23190
SAE AS33671
Black Nylon 6/6 Heat Stabilized Up to 125°C 94V-2 Indoor CSA 22.2
UL 1565
SAE AS23190
SAE AS33671
Black Nylon 6/6 UV Stabilized Up to 85°C 94V-2 Indoor or Outdoor CSA 22.2
UL 1565
SAE AS23190
SAE AS33671

Specifications of raw material polyamide 6.6
Working temperature                       -45°C – 85°C
Tightening temperature                   -10°C – 60°C
Melting temperature                         256°C
Max admissible point                       120°C (for a short time)
Halogen free
2011/65/EU (RoHS2), UL21 and UL21S compliant

Low Profile cable ties’ unique, patented design is ideal for any application requiring a safe visually appealing low profile tie, from industrial uses to high-end consumer products. The low profile cable tie enhances the finished appearance of a wide variety of applications from boat engines to sporting equipment to recreational applications.

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