7mm-9,4mm 8X FR2001 incl 8X L11S0C

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The FLEXROUTE® is a universal, durable, and simple cable management solution that secures and protects both the frame and cable. It is here to provide security in your applications. While it continues to utilize the great fastening capabilities of a cable tie, it goes a step further and flexes around a frame providing uniform traction that a cable tie just can’t accomplish on its own.

Specifications – Size: 7mm-9,4mm.


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For further specifications on flexroute cable guides

DYNAMIC CABLE SUPPORT Naturally forms to and secures a wide range of cables
RECESSED CHANNEL Provides the commonly used 5mm wide cable tie with a fitted and recessed channel to avoid any longitudinal rolling along the frame during use
FLEXIBLE ARMS Will form to virtually any frame and provide a high friction surface that will secure the cable laterally and never shift or scratch the frame
SIMPLE INSTALL The open cable portal allows for quick
Made from flexible, strong, and impact resistant rubber compound used in power tool grips, outdoor equipment, and in extreme temperatures and environments.

Since frames vary infinitely both in shape and size, the idea was to make something that was strong and durable, but able to adapt to a range of frame types and cable diameters.

The FLEXROUTE® Standard accommodates cables from 4.7mm – 6.5mm
The FLEXROUTE® XL accommodates cables from 7mm to 9.4mm

The FLEXROUTE® is made of UV rated flexible impact resistant rubber and comes in various sizes of packs, some including Low Profile cable ties.

Note the FLEXROUTE® is not intended for load bearing application. The FLEXROUTE® is only intended for use with a 5mm wide cable tie. Do not use if failure of either the FLEXROUTE® or the cable tie would cause damage or injury. Automotive, computer, marine, cycling and industrial applications.

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